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Menstruationstasse Test & Vergleich: Die besten Produkte aus 2021 gesucht? Die besten Menstruationstasse im Test und Vergleich 2021 Tips for first time menstrual cup users Read the instructions thoroughly. It might seem obvious, but reading the instructions that come with your cup is an... Wear a pantyliner until you feel comfortable. Until you feel 100% comfortable with your menstrual cup, you might want to... Try to locate. A menstrual cup collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. You clean and reuse it, which means you don't need to replace it for a long time. Most people find they leak less than tampons and are more comfortable to wear. To use one, you'll insert it into your vaginal opening and twist it to make sure it sits right. Then, you can leave it in for as long as 12 hours before taking it out and emptying it. It may take time and practice to get used to using one, but menstrual cups. To use a menstrual cup, make sure your hands are clean and fold the cup in half to insert into your vagina — if the cup... You should boil the cup between cycles, but during your period you should wash it with unscented soap between each use. Menstrual cups are beneficial because they can last up. How to use a Menstrual Cup - In-depth Instructional Video - YouTube. How to use a Menstrual Cup - In-depth Instructional Video. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If.

Once you inserted the rim of the menstrual cup, the cup will start unfolding itself inside the vagina. Rotate it sideways to will help spring open to create an airtight seal that stops leaks. All you need to do is to push it slightly with your finger until the whole cup is inside including the stem. It shouldn't sit too high, the bottom of your cup should be about half a finger away from the entry. Unlike a tampon, the cup is positioned in the lower part of vagina, but beyond the pelvic bone At home, at work, on the go! Lunette menstrual cups are designed to be simple and fuss-free period cups. Simply fold and insert. Done! Use the guide below to learn how to insert a menstrual cup and you'll be a period ninja in no time. 1. Wash hands. Check that the air holes at the top of your cup are open. Wash your hands. Wash your Lunette menstrual cup with Feelbetter Cup Cleanser and rinse it carefully. 2. Fold + Hol Just follow these steps to use a cup: Wash your hands thoroughly. Apply water or a water-based lube to the rim of the cup. Tightly fold the menstrual cup in half, holding it in one hand with the..

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  1. How do Menstrual Cups Work? They collect your period blood inside your vagina. and can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time, giving. you unparalleled freedom compared with traditional period products. Ruby Cups are made of medical-grade silicone, making them soft and easy to use. You can reuse a Ruby Cup fo
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  3. A menstrual cup is a small, flexible, funnel-shaped cup made with either silicone or rubber. This female hygiene product can be inserted into the vagina to collect the period flow of menstrual fluid. Menstrual cups are known to be an eco-friendly alternative to sanitary pads, tampons, and other conventional period products

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One of the great benefits of using a menstrual cup is that it can be used up to eight hours. However, most menstrual cup users find they need to empty their cup in the morning and again in the evening. 4. Remove and empty With clean hands, gently pull the stem of the cup downwards until you can reach and hold the base of the cup Information provided here is connected with use for Kind Cup. If you have any further questions or need support, feel free to contact us - we'd love to help! We design menstrual cups, but aren't doctors, so any medical questions should be discussed with your trusted healthcare provider According to a study published in the Lancet Public Health journal in July 2019, menstrual cups are just as safe to use for people who have periods as other menstrual products, such as sanitary..

1. Start with a fold2. Insert rim first - slide in and back towards tailbone not up!The rest of the tips are in the video!Have a question about Saalt Cups?!. Angle Your Menstrual Cup Unlike a tampon, which is inserted upwards, the cup is inserted horizontally, toward your tailbone. Think of it this way, take your menstrual cup and place it on its side on a flat surface (such as a chair). Slide the cup back towards the back of the chair - this is a horizontal motion Gently pull the stem of the cup downwards, until you can grip the actual cup. Wiggle it back and forth and pull it down. Pinch the base of the cup, so it breaks the suction. When you're pulling it out of your vagina, make sure to keep it upright, so there is no spillage

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To wash the mens­trual cup, first rinse it with cold water. You can also clean the small holes on the upper edge of the cup with an inter­den­tal brush. Before and after your period, sim­ply boil the mens­trual cup in a pot for a few minu­tes A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product used during menstrual cycles or periods. It's a small, flexible funnel or bell-shaped cup made of rubber or silicone. Menstrual cups are reusable making them more affordable. Menstrual cups can hold more blood than other methods, and you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours

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Yes, please, sign us up! Removing your menstrual cup. When it comes to removing your cup, people visualise the worst. Sure, there are running jokes about emptying your menstrual cup causing your bathroom to look like a crime scene, but that's honestly like telling someone the first time they try to cook pasta sauce, the entire kitchen is going to be painted in Bolognese. We are ladies. We.

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are menstrual cups messy? what happens when your cup is full? I either take my cup on the toilet or in the shower. If I'm on the toilet I scoot back and squat slightly. I kegel the cup down and then pinch the base to release the suction. Then I can easily flip the cup out and dump the blood into the toilet bowl. If I'm at home, I use my bidet to rinse my body and my sink to rinse my cup. Whether you've bought a menstrual cup or are considering one, the first question you likely have is how to use a menstrual cup. Switching to a menstrual cup can feel challenging to say the least. Fortunately, it's easier than most people think, but like anything else, it'll take some time to get used to. In just five simple steps, you can begin using your menstrual cup and enjoy a. To put in a menstrual cup, it is important to relax your muscle so it will be easier to insert the cup. First, find a comfortable position. You can stand, squat, sit on the toilet or bath. You may want to use water or a water-based lubricant to make it easier to insert the cup

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HOW TO USE THE MOONCUP INSERT. Part the labia and place the cup as low down in the vagina as it will comfortably sit (lower down than a tampon). TRIM (FIRST USE). The base of the cup should sit as low as possible in the vagina. As vaginal length varies, the first... REMOVE AND EMPTY. With clean. Insert your finger into your vagina and press around the edge of the cup. Use your forefinger to feel inside of your vagina until you touch the edge of the cup. Then, wiggle your finger around the outside of the cup in a circle to break the seal. Once the seal is broken, pinch the base of the cup to try to pull it out How to Use Menstrual Cups. Inserting a menstrual cup may take some practice to master, but once you have it down, it should be quick and easy. Be sure to review the instructions specific to your cup before you get started. To insert your menstrual cup, wash your hands and then fold the cup in half. Gently spread your labia with your free hand while inserting the cup horizontally into your vagina, keeping it aimed toward your tailbone. Stop when the stem at the bottom of your cup is ½ inch. • the cup can hold up to 15 ml (smaller size) or 20 ml (larger size) of the menstrual blood before it needs to be emptied. • we recommend emptying the cup not later than after 12 hours even during the low flow days. • use the pad and let the cup overflow. This will give you an idea on how long it takes for the cup to be full The menstrual cup gets inserted inside your vagina and it creates a suction against your cervix. It collects the blood inside the cup rather than absorbing it like other menstrual products. The menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours (depending on your flow) before it needs to removed, emptied, cleaned and put back in. How Do You Put It In

Menstrual cups are a rising trend as a convenient, zero-waste period care option. Whilst reusables might not be for everyone, if all the talk is making you curious then this blog is for you! Find out about cups and most importantly how to use a menstrual cup. What is a menstrual cup? First things first, let's talk about what a menstrual cup actually is. A menstrual cup is a reusable. If you've never used a menstrual cup before, you might need to practise using one to get completely comfortable with it. You'll need to follow the directions on the package, but these are the steps you'll generally follow: Wash your hands with soap and water. Fold the cup in half, squeezing the edges together. There are a number of ways to fold your cup - one way is into a 'C. Is menstrual cup safe for virgins? Yes, it is. There's nothing wrong using a menstrual cup while still a virgin. It is definitely safe for virgins as long as you're comfortable using it. If you're a first time cup user and still a virgin, it's highly recommended to make sure your vagina muscles are relaxed before inserting it Since tampons are absorbent, this could dry you out even more and increase your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Menstrual cups are non-absorbent (they collect the blood, instead of soaking it up) so you can use it whenever you'd like. 6. How long should a menstrual cup last? Menstrual cups can last for several years. We recommend replacing your period cup every 1-2 years. You should replace yours if it has any tears, holes, or just isn't in good condition anymore HOW TO USE MENSTRUAL CUPS? The process of using a menstrual cup is quite odd and requires proper techniques. But once, you have mastered its usage, you won't even feel if it is there are not. Firstly, when you buy yourself a menstrual cup according to your vagina size, make sure to clean it once with a baby wipe or mil-soap-base water. Experts suggest that one should keep it in hot water for 5-10 minutes before the first use

There are two main parts of a menstrual cup: the cup and a thin stem at the bottom to make removal easier. Before using a cup for the first time, it is important to read the directions on the.. How to Insert Your Menstrual Cup Make Sure your Cup is Clean! If it's your first time using your cup, we recommend boiling the cup in water for a few minutes to sterilize it. Just heat the water to a low boil, use tongs to place the cup in the hot water, and then let it cool Menstrual cups are eco-friendly, nontoxic, budget friendly, and may even help to reduce menstrual cramps. As with any change, it's common to have questions about how making the switch to menstrual cups will impact your routine. Today, we're tackling one on the most common concerns for women considering cups: how do you use a menstrual cup when you're on the go? How much does a menstrual. How to insert a menstrual cup First, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. For convenience, you can apply water or water-based lube to the rim of your cup. Hold the cup with its rim facing upwards and fold the cup in half. Now, take the cup near the vaginal opening and.

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  1. This menstrual cup is specifically designed to be easy to use, soft and flexible enough to fold easily for insertion then pop open to create a leak-free seal. Plus, Ruby Cup's 'Buy One, Give One.
  2. Most menstrual cups are made of rubber or silicone. Because they're made of flexible materials, they are meant to fit comfortably inside the vagina. Typically, a woman will fold a menstrual cup..
  3. Single-use menstrual products were also hard to find during the initial COVID-19 wave that led to a shortage of disposable products around the country (and the world). If you haven't already made the switch, a menstrual cup is a fantastic way to reduce your use of single-use bathroom products (and you'll never again have to rush to the drug store after realizing you're out of tampons!
  4. Menstrual Cup Tips: How to use, insert and remove a menstrual cup Safety first - sterilize the cup At the beginning and end of each cycle, boil your cup. Put it in water on a pot, bring the water to a boil, shut the gas and remove the cup
  5. A menstrual cup is used by inserting it into the vagina and leaving it there. If properly inserted, the rim of the cup forms a seal with the walls of the vagina to prevent leakage. Menstrual cup should be changed after every 12 hours. To pull it out of the vagina, the stem at the base of the cup needs to be held tightly between the thumb and the index finger and pulled out. After disposing off.
  6. A menstrual cup must be inserted at a horizontal angle of 45 degrees. Squat down on the knees with them spread open to insert it properly the first time. The cup should achieve a good suction seal..
  7. The first time I found out about the menstrual cup, it was simply listed as a way to give up single-use plastic—tucked neatly between carrying your own metal straw and supporting your local kiranas, or grocery stores—somewhere on Instagram. Then I saw a video about these slightly odd-looking cups on Facebook. I noticed the hashtag on Twitter and, before I knew it, it seemed like menstrual.

Pinch the base of the menstrual cup and gently pull to remove it. If you pull on the stem, you could have a mess on your hands. Once it's out, empty the cup into the sink or toilet. Rinse the cup.. Removing the Menstrual Cup. To remove the menstrual cup, was your hands and take a comfortable position. It is ideal to do it over the toilet bowl so that it becomes easier to empty the cup out. Start with locating the stem and pulling at it lightly until you feel the base. Then, hold onto the base and use a finger to create a dent to release the suction from the cup. Ease the cup out. You. Call us on 0800 692 876 (Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 2:30pm) if you need more menstrual cup support or help with anything related to menstrual product use. We value all questions and answer them as best we can. It is never an exact science but with practice and confidence you can easily become an expert menstrual cup user in no time It's easier than you think to learn how to use a menstrual cup, even if it may feel a little intimidating at first. To begin, all you need to do is get to grips with our six simple steps to becoming a menstrual master: 1. Wash Hands. Wash your hands and clean your Lunette Menstrual Cup with Feelbetter Cup Cleanser. 2. Fold & Hold. Fold the cup in on itself to make it flat and then in half to. If you want to use a menstrual cup, then by all means, go for it! Just use a little patience and a little planning (and maybe even a little lube). Facts checked by: Dr. Alyssa Dweck. Alyssa Dweck MS, MD, FACOG is a practicing gynecologist in Westchester County, New York. She provides care to women of all ages; she has delivered thousands of babies. She is proficient in minimally invasive.

How to convince your mother to let you use a menstrual cup? Talk to her about all the pros and cons of menstrual cups. Explain why you want to switch to using a menstrual cup and why your current hygiene product isn't a fit you. Before starting the conversation, collect as many facts as you can about the cups. Reassure your mom that you can use a menstrual cup if you are a virgin. Convince. Are tampons or menstrual cups safer to use? READ HERE to find out what you really need to know: Read more. Plastic-Free Periods and Tips For Plastic-Free Living. Do your bit to reduce harmful plastic from our environment, starting with your menstrual products. Read more. How often do I need to empty my menstrual cup? How long can I use my period cup between changes? The good news is it's. Dr. Aruna Kalra says, Menstrual cups are pretty safe to use just like the traditional sanitary pads and tampons. It is very important to follow a few basic points: A menstrual cup should be of the right size. It should be sterilised every month, before and after use. Always wash hands before inserting a menstrual cup into the vagina. Menstrual cups should be emptied after every 4-12 hours. If. A menstrual cup can be found in different sizes so that there is something for every woman. Generally, the size of a menstrual cup a woman uses depends on her age and whether she has given birth. This cup is bell-shaped, flexible and can be made of medical grade plastic, silicone, rubber or latex. It can be used for 8-12 hours at a time. Since menstrual cups aren't absorbent, that could theoretically lower your risk. But your overall risk of getting TSS is so small that a fear of it shouldn't be driving your menstrual product.

Is It Safe To Sleep With A Menstrual Cup? Yes it is safe to use while sleeping. You do not have to wake up in between either unless you have really heavy flow. How Often Should I Empty A menstrual Cup? That depends on your flow. I empty it every 4 hours on my heavy flow days and for the rest three days, i can keep it for 12 hours without any problems. Do We Feel The menstrual Cup After Wearing. Women with a heavier menstrual flow also benefit from the use of a menstrual cup as they can hold much more blood than tampons or pads - just make sure you get the right size. And as always, if you're not sure whether you can use one, consult your doctor. 21 best vibrators for solo sex or partnered pleasure to buy online and get delivered discretely . Sex Toys. 21 best vibrators for solo. Menstrual cups are flexible cups that come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. They are usually composed of latex rubber or silicone. They are used in place of tampons, and instead of being a piece of cotton that absorbs menstrual fluid, the cups collect the fluid by catching it within the cup. I have used one for about two years, and it's incredibly strong, useful, and of high quality. How to put in your menstrual cup For individuals who have used a tampon before, it will be relatively easy to insert a menstrual cup. Following are the steps to use a menstrual cup: Make sure you. don't use a menstrual cup for more than 12 hours at a time - it needs to be emptied and washed at least twice a day i.e. at least every 12 hours, but ideally every 4 to 8 hours. Some people use a microwave cup steriliser to sterilise their menstrual cup instead of boiling it in a pot on the stove. Some use their regular pots and some use a dedicated pot, mainly just because of perception.

Menstrual cups must be cleaned between each use and sterilized between cycles. This pick from Sustain (popular for its condoms and tampons) features a carrying case that makes clean up a breeze.To. There are a lot of rumours around menstrual cups and how to use them. Stay in the know with our list of debunked myths to help you separate fact from fiction. Read more. How To Clean Your Lunette Cup. Learn how to clean your menstrual cup with these handy, easy tips! All you need is water, a pot, and oil-free soap! Read more. Watch out for generic and cheap menstrual cups. Your body is. The C-fold (or U-fold) is the most popular method of menstrual cup folding. To perform a C-Fold, simply hold the cup in your dominant hand. Using your index finger, press one side of the flexible silicone cup against the other. Then squeeze the sides together (essentially folding the cup in half) When cleaned appropriately, the menstrual cup is, in fact, the most hygienic menstrual product option. Before use Before you start using your menstrual cup for the first time, and at the beginning of each period, boil the cup for 10 minutes in a generous amount of water To understand how to use menstrual cup, you need to first understand their structure. These cups are shaped in a bell with a small stem that extends from the bottom. A menstrual cup is flexible since it is made using medical-grade silicone. How to Use Menstrual Cup. The cup is inserted into your vagina where it collects blood. Throughout the day, you remove it, empty the cup, wash it out.

Step-by-step how to use a menstrual cup for beginners : Wash your hands and cup with a mild soap. Don't dry off the cup. That little bit of water acts as a lubricant. Do some cup origami! There are three common folds: C-Fold, Punch-Down Fold, and 7-Fold ( Photos from Saalt If you are going to use a menstrual cup, buy the right size. Because every woman's body is different, it's necessary to get the size of menstrual cup that is best for your body type and menstrual flow. There are generally different sizes for women who have given birth, and those who have not, with the cup being slightly smaller for women who haven't given birth. Make sure you're buying. While many women take to using a menstrual cup like ducks to water, there are just as many of us who find the first few times quite the fumble - and that's totally fine. Try inserting and removing your cup in the shower your first few times as the water can act as a lubricant and if you're still a little nervous, being all squeaky clean should make you that much more comfortable

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Once it is inside, you can hold the base of the cup and twist it 360º, or you can insert the cup halfway, turn it, and then push it in the rest of the way, horizontally. If the menstrual cup twists with ease, this means that it is completely open and in the correct position. 5. Remove and empty The menstrual cup, How to use may seem awkward. You're a Virgin! the reds have come and your friend introduces to you the menstral cup. This article introduces you to the steps in using the Menstrual cup and the 9+ myths, as a virgin, you should know. As you read this article you say to your self, well i am not a virgin. For one reason all women who must continue reading this article. Knowing where your cervix is located helps you with placing the menstrual cup correctly; it should be under your cervix. Tip 3 Use water or a water-based lubricant to make insertion easier. This is especially helpful, if you are practicing inserting the menstrual cup outside your period

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  1. d it not to take boiling water that you burn yourself as well as damage the cup. Lukewarm water is best suited. Mix some soap in this lukewarm water and then pour the mixture within the cup
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  3. Say 'hello' to our al la carte vagina-term menu. If you've got a special name for your vagina - such as vjayjay, glory box, foo foo or even Betty - then just pop it in the box and we'll make sure your preferred name is used throughout The Hello Cup Website. engage switcheroo
  4. A menstrual cup will last you up years. Compare that to all the pads and tampons you'd use during that same time. They sum up to about a 325 pieces thrown out per woman per year in the worldPretty gross, right? All that could be easily avoided if every woman used a menstrual cup. Who wants to see bloody pads on the beach? I know I don't
  5. utes. Remove the cup with tongs and allow it to cool completely before use. 2. Wash your hands with soap and the Cora Cup with pH-balanced soap (if unavailable, simply rinse with water)
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  7. The Lunette menstrual cup fits nice and snug, held in position by the seal formed by the walls of the vagina and the vaginal muscles. Your interior is superior and does all the work — you'll barely feel a thing! The cup is placed entirely inside the lower part of the vagina, just behind the pubic bone below the cervix
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Our step-by-step guide covers how a menstrual cup works, how to use it for the first time, how to insert and how to remove a menstrual cup When using a menstrual cup for the first time, disinfect the cup by boiling it in water for 5 minutes. Be careful not to let it touch the bottom as it will burn! The simplest fold for insertion is the 'Inward Fold'. Press one side of the rim into the cup towards the narrow base and it will create a shape that is tapered at one end Menstrual (or period) cups. You may have friends that swear by them or have just heard about them in passing, but they're more than just environmentally friendly — they save you money and save your vagina from discomfort sometimes caused by traditional feminine care products. But we understand the idea of making the switch to period cups can be daunting or downright confusing

Fold the cup in on itself to make flat, then in half to form a C shape. Most use the typical C-fold. However, there are many ways to fold a Menstrual Cup. Get experimenting! Step 3 How to insert a Menstrual Cup Keep it rolled up and guide it rim first into the vagina. To check that the cup has fully opened, slide a clean finger up to the cup. Here is how you can use a menstrual cup. Step 1: Go to the bathroom, wash and sanitize your hands properly. Step 2: Apply water to the rim or circumference of the menstrual cup The menstrual cup is a product that connects a woman with her body, her menstruation and the environment. Here are eight reasons in support of using a menstrual cup: 1. Greater freedom, comfort and safety - The menstrual cup makes you feel free because you do not feel anything. Unlike the pad, the cup is not heavy, odorous or warm. It can be used whenever, wherever: going to school or work. At home, at work, on the go! Lunette menstrual cups are designed to be simple and fuss-free period cups. Simply fold and insert Menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. The actual wear time will vary for each person, but generally speaking if you have an average flow you will be able to wear a menstrual cup the full 12 hours. If your flow is heavier you will need to change more frequently. How to Insert Your Menstrual Cup. To insert your menstrual cup.

There is definitely a learning curve to inserting a menstrual cup. It takes a little while to figure out the fold you like. (I prefer the push down, where you push one side of the rim down. HOW TO USE THE MOONCUP You may get the knack of using your Mooncup the first time but we'd say give yourself about 3 cycles to get used to it. Remember, our reusable menstrual cup should last you for years.. Sterilize your cup by boiling it at the end of every cycle. Ensure that the cup's air holes are always clean and open. Store your cup in the container provided, stem up. If your cup is stored when wet, keep the container open so it remains breathable If you need to, apply water or a water-based lube to the rim of the cup. Tightly fold the menstrual cup in half, holding it in one hand with the rim facing up. This is called a C-Fold, but there are other ways to fold the cup too! The rule here is, whatever works the best for you

The Lena Sensitive Cup is one of the most popular menstrual cups for beginners. It was designed for first-time cup users and teens. The longer cup makes it adaptable to every cervix from high to low. If you need a shorter cup, you can simply cup the stem to make the cup more comfortable. The bottom of the cup has grip rings making it easier for removal if you decide to cut the stem Using something new can be a bit of a challenge, so we've put together these simple menstrual cup tips to help you on your way: • Learning to use the Mooncup® is a new skill. Like anything new, using a menstrual cup for the first time can take some practice to get the knack of (we'd say around 3 cycles). But don't worry, with practice it usually becomes second nature before you know. How to use a menstrual disc. To insert a menstrual disc, board-certified OB/GYN and integrative holistic medicine specialist Eden Fromberg, DO suggests taking the 'back and down' angle. How to use a menstrual cup Before using your menstrual cup, you need to clean it! The BeYou site explains: You can do this by putting your cup in a saucepan of boiling water for 10 minutes...

What is a menstrual cup? Pros, cons, and how to use oneTampon Alternative: Healthy Menstrual Cups, InsteadWhat's in your pad or tampon? - CNNWhich size menstrual cup should I use? – Lunette Menstrual Cup

Just follow these steps to use a menstrual cup-Wash your hands. Gently apply water or a water-based lube onto the rim of the cup. Tightly fold the menstrual cup into half and hold it in your hand with the rim facing upwards. Insert the cup with the rim upwards into your vagina, just like you put a tampon. The cup should sit a few inches below the cervix. Once the cup is inside the vagina. You can leave menstrual cups in for up to 12 hours. As a guide, on heavier days you might want to remove it every three or four hours. On light days you can leave it for up to 12 hours. To remove your Hello Cup, feel for the base of the cup. Give it a gentle squeeze - this helps to break the seal - and pull down slowly. Once it's out, simply tip the contents down the loo, rinse (or wipe. Menstrual cups are an eco-friendly way to deal with your period. In this guide, we're going to look at how you use one, how safe they are, and why it's an excellent time to make the switch Menstrual cups are also promoted as more practical and eco-friendly than pads and tampons. Given that the menstrual cup is reusable, its use greatly decreases the amount of waste generated from menstrual cycles, as there is no daily waste and the amount of discarded packaging decreases as well Lumma™ manufactures a new kind of reusable menstrual disc, the only with a silicone string that brings mess-free periods for adult active bleeders. Discs can be used for up to 12 hours. Leak-free, odor-free, worry-free Then worked with one of India's best manufacturer to design a new menstrual cup that is truly easy to use! The cup is made with: 100% Soft Medical grade silicone: It is completely safe to use, No toxins, No BPA, No fragrance! Soft: it is very soft to fold and sturdy to hold the grip as you insert in. No distraction stud at the bottom: A very small stud at the bottom ensures that you won't even.

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